Chip Card SLE5542
November 11, 2016
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Temic Card T5577


Material                              : PVC
Size                                      : 0.84mm CR80 credit card size
Reading distance              : 3cm to 10cm
Operation temperature   : -25oC to 55oC
Storage temperatur          : -40oC to 75oC


– Contactless read/write data transmission
– Radio frequency from 100 kHz to 150 Khz
– E5550 Binary Compatible or T5557 Extended Mode
– Small size, configurattion for ISO/iec 11784/785 compatiblity
– 75 pF on-chip resonant capasitor (mask option)
– 7*32-bit EEPROM Data memory including 32-bit password
– Separate 64-bit memory for traceability data
– 32-bit Configuration register in EEPROM


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