Magnetic Card High Coercivity [HiCo]
November 12, 2016
Mifare Card 1k M1S50
November 12, 2016
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Magnetic Card Low Coercivity [LoCo]


Atau Low coercivity adalah nilai koefisiensi yang rendah dari suatu media magnetik yaitu antara 250 – 600 Oe (ISO 7811-2). Warna stripe adalah coklat.


Material : PVC
Size : ISO 86mm*54mm or basing on your needs
Thickness : 0.3mm-0.76mm
Magnetik Stripe : 250 Oersteds (Oe), 300 Oersteds (Oe), 600 Oersteds (Oe)
Feature : Require a lower amount of energy to record and are easier to erase.
Application : Hotel room keys and other applications where the card is only used for a short period


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