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November 11, 2016
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November 12, 2016
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Embedded Chip Card

Product Description

CPU Card/SIM card: CPU card embedded chip is a special single-chip microcomputer, with internal controller, memory, time control logic unit, arithmetic unit and operating system, becauseacpu card has large memory capactiy, nowadays the chip memory capacity widely used are 16K and 32K, with high processing capacity, safe information storage. Therefore, these cards are widely used in conditions where information security is especially important.



CPU card Material : PVC/PET/ABS/PETG
Thickness : 0.80-0.86,can be made into contact card, and contactless card
Printing : offset 4C printing,screen printing
Craft : engraving,encoding, barcode, signature panel, photo-adding, hologram
Operation : could be with blank card or fullfill with
COS Usage : widely use for keeping personal datas, like ID cards, security insurance cards, medical cards, E-passport and so on



CPU card 8k,16K,32 storage good encryption cos operating FM1208,TG97,ISSI series



Social insurance card, medical insurance card, SIM card,etc


Other Information

CPU card is a single-chip microcomputer,with internal controller,memory,time control logic unit. CPU Card, Java card,combi card CPU card, whose silicon chip itself has MPU, and near the silicon chip circuit has register, memorizer, circuit and so on. So the CPU card becomes the smart card, meanwhile the IC memory space will become bigger and bigger. Because CPU card has become an absolute microprogramming unit, so itself has a operating system (COS). Under the support of COS, CPU card becomes the most security and reliable IC card, so the serviceable range is more extensive than before.


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