Chip Card SLE4436
Chip Card SLE4436
November 11, 2016
Chip Card FM4442 / SLE4442
November 11, 2016
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Chip Card SLE78CLXxxxP


– ISO/IEC 14443 type B & A with up to 848kbit/s
– ISO/IEC 18092 passive mode
– Mifare™ compatible interface
– Crypto @2304T Crypto processor for public key cryptography
– RSA up to 4096 bit
– ECC up to 521 bit
– DPA/SPA, DEMA/SEMA Countermeasures
– Symmetric Crypto Processor (SCP) for 3DES and AES 256 acceleration
– Robust set of threshold sensors and filters
– PRNG and independent TRNG compliant to AIS-31 and FIPS-140
– Intelligent Watchdog with Program Flow Check
– MMU with Level Concept
– CC EAL5+ (high), EMVCo


– Identification (e-Passport, National
– ID, Driver Licence, Health Care, Digital Signature, Access Control)
– Payment (EMV DDA)
– Multiapplication


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