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Chip Card SLE5542


Material : Good white PVC or PET or ABS
Dimension : CR80,85.5*54*0.87mm or custom
Serial : Siemens SLE,Contact IC Chip,RFID
Interface : ISO 7816
Storage Capacity : 1024 bytes(1K)
Reading distance : 2.5-10cm
Responding speed : 1-2ms
Date retention : 10 years
Write endurance : 100,000 cycles



  • 100% functional compatibility to SLE 4442
  • 256 x 8 bit EEPROM organization of Data Memory
  • 32 x 1 bit Protection Memory
    Byte-wise write protection of first 32 addresses (byte 0…31) of Data Memory
    Manufacturer Code for unique identification of application
  • Data Memory (addresses 0.255) alterable only after verification of 3-Byte
    Programmable Security Code (PSC)
  • Two-wire link protocol
    Byte-wise addressing
    End of processing indicated at data output
  • Contact configuration and Answer-to-Reset (synchronous transmission) in Accordance to standard ISO/IEC 7816Sophisticated electrical characteristics
    Ambient temperature .40 . +80°C for chip, .25 . +80°C for module
    Supply voltage 5 V ± 10 %
    Supply current < 3 mA (typical 600 µA)
    EEPROM erase / write time 5 ms
    ESD protection typical 4,000 V
    EEPROM Endurance minimum 100,000 erase / write cycles1)
    Data retention for minimum of 10 years1)
  • Advanced 1.2 µm CMOS-technology optimised for security layout
    EEPROM-cells protected by shield
    Shielding of deeper layers via metal
    Sensory and logical security functions
    No isolation on backside necessary


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